Before there were macarons, the popular French meringue cookie sandwiches, there were macaroons. The chewy, gluten-free* coconut cookies are a delight year-round, but especially appreciated by Passover observers. Made of shredded coconut, sweetened condensed milk, and egg whites—without the flour or leavening that are verboten during this holiday—they happily replace other baked sweets. Dan Cohen […]

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Just in time for National Alfredo Day, February 7th, Bertolli has introduced two USDA-certified organic alfredo pasta sauces. The creamy new sauces are available in two delicious varieties, including: Bertolli Organic Creamy Alfredo Bertolli Organic Garlic Alfredo   Available at grocers nationwide, these sauces are made from all-organic ingredients including aged parmesan and fresh cream. […]

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