[1] Limburger, a washed-rind cow’s milk cheese, has a pungent aroma but is mild on the palate. You can get it from Chalet Cheese Cooperative (photo © The Wisconsin Cheeseman). [2] While many fans enjoy a limburger sandwich, it is also popular as a table cheese with beer and pretzels (photo © America’s Dairyland | […]

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Don’t throw away your watermelon rinds. Watermelon rind is not only edible; it can be turned into crunchy slaws and watermelon pickleswatermelon pickles (pickled watermelon rind). Here are two crunchy, fun recipes from the Watermelon Promotion BoardWatermelon Promotion Board, which has the best collection of watermelon recipes. The slaw has a yogurt dressing while the […]

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