With so many people going hungry in the U.S. (much less, worldwide), it’s shocking how much food we waste. It’s not just us, the consumers. It’s the whole food chain, from “ugly” produce left to rot in the field, to problems with transportation and storage, to foods thrown out by grocers, foodservice, etc. In fact, […]

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September is National Potato Month (August 19th is National Potato Day). While we’ll share recipes later in the month, today we have a safety message. You’ve probably never heard of getting glycoalkaloid toxicity from potatoes. The effects are mostly gastrointestinal. They are often delayed 8 to 10 hours after consuming a bad potato. The poisonous […]

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  Wondering why you constantly overeat? Here are three factors that may be contributing to over-indulging.    It’s easy to over-dramatise the odd extra helping as a ‘binge’ or ‘blowout’, but if you are consistently eating more than your body needs, there may be good reasons.  The stick: Macro shortfall The human body’s drive for […]

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Weight Loss: INTERMITTENT FASTING: Eat Stop and Eat (lose Weight Eat to Live Healthy Diet Plans Fat Burning Success Weight Loss) (Beginner’s Guide) Read for free with Kindle UnlimitedNot to be confused with Eat Stop Eat by Brad PilonAchieve Fast ResultsI have had a problem with weight gain since the age of 15. I had […]

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