With the help of the author of The 7 Day Quickie and personal trainer Tegan Haining, we’ve come up with an approach to the week-long kickstart.  Haining’s book is a simple yet detailed guide to seven days of health and fitness that combines a balanced diet with a more active lifestyle. Nourishing food and drinks Haining […]

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Overproduction of yeast like fungi in the body is the major cause of Candida. The usual portal of this infection is the wet areas of the body like the mouth and the reproductive tract in females. This infection if left unchecked can also gradually affect the stomach and the intestines. Our body contains bacteria that […]

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The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: The Healthy Living Mediterranean Diet Guide for Smart People – With Kitchen Tested Recipes & Diet Success Tips Healthy Mediterranean Meals Right Now Make Healthy Dishes that will Wow Your Taste Buds! ________________________________________Are you ready for the cookbook that will put other diet meals to shame? Regarded as one of […]

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