So you have tried the various methods to lose weight but you have not got desired result. Well, you are not alone if you are trying hard to shed off the extra pounds. Obesity is a common problem among people and there are many related problems as well. Losing weight is not only good for […]

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Fresh new medical studies details that a high number of food products, from beans to green tea, will help you combat feeling hungry, kick your own personal sweets addiction, improve your metabolism and inevitably shed extra pounds. And many of those superfoods supply healthy add-ons too. 1. Greens. Are you ever inclined to overeat during […]

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Today you can hardly go anywhere without seeing an advertisement for a herb to fix something that ails you.  Natural weight loss herbs are everywhere as well.  So today’s question is do they work and most importantly, are they safe?First lets name some of the most common herbs with weight loss claims: Green Tea Extract […]

This diet is also known as the Hollywood diet, and is thought to have been developed around the 1930’s. The grapefruit diet is based on the fact that eating grapefruit daily can help increase your metabolism and by following the diet plan you could lose up to 10 pounds in around 12 days. That’s nearly […]

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Here is the prescription for a healthy natural weight loss program. 1/ Eat natural, unprocessed foods. 2/ Exercise 3/ Herbal weight loss supplements. Currently, if it were just that simple everybody would be slim and trim. The truth is that sometimes the simplest things are the foremost difficult to implement.Let’s start with step 1. This […]

Have you been trying to lose weight but to no avail? Perhaps you have been eating the wrong types of food! Our diet affects 70% of our body weight! So if you are uncertain what food to avoid, here are some useful and simple guidelines for you to follow!  Avoid food with high fat content  […]

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