Individual differs when it comes to weight loss as some lose weight quickly and others struggle to lose weight. Here are some weight loss diet tips that you can apply which will lead to effective weight loss without using any aids or medications. Your weight is determined by the amount of food you eat and […]

Diet Tips

Though most health and weight loss experts would advise you to cut down on your food intake, there are different kinds of natural food sources that can actually help you in losing a lot of weight. If taken daily or included in the regular meals, you can lose as many calories along with your weight […]

Diet Foods

With the current over-weight state of the population in many countries there is an increasing interest and urgency among people to find ways to shed surplus weight. A popular search phrase on Google is “help me lose weight”. Many types of diet are proposed and among them are low carb diets. These diets are concerned […]

Diet Tips

A raw food diet is one which is rich in foods that are derived from plant sources. This generally includes whole, uncooked raw foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, juices, sprouts, beans, nuts and legumes and dry fruits. The basic principle behind the raw food diet is a very scientific and logical one. […]

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