National Sangria Day is December 20th, a drink made with red wine that looks festive for the holidays. We have quite a few delicious recipes below. But how about a recipe for Winter White Sangria? While not all sangria recipes use spirits in addition to wine, this one adds rum. It also has winter fruits: […]

Diet Tips

[1] Black and white cookies, so craveable (photo © American Heritage Chocolate). [2] Some bakers get creative. Dana’s Bakery makes black and white cookies with a surprise inside: rainbow cake (photos #3 and #4 © Dana’s Bakery) [3] Dana’s Bakery also makes chocolate chip black-and-whites, gluten-free black-and-whites, s’mores black-and-whites and vegan black-and-white cookies. [4] For […]

Diets To Lose Weight